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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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oh they have been dubbed the political misfits but it looks like they have morphed into an organized movement now occupy wall street is teaming up it's coming up with a long term strategy campaign we'll tell you about the group's goals and introduce you to some of the stars. how far this political spin scandal spans nobody knows general petraeus a sex scandal spurs a secret f.b.i. probe against the former cia director so was this is a sign that the cia and f.b.i. are engaged in an interagency dispute question more. and speaking of political
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scandals from kennedy to clinton reno to spencer and even schwartz nager what is it that causes male politicians to be led astray doesn't misdeed here and there really affect how these people do their jobs. it's tuesday november thirteenth four pm here in washington d.c. i'm liz wahl and you're watching r t. well we begin today with a look at a movement that says it's bailing out the people rather than the big banks we're talking about the occupy wall street movement and yesterday we talked about their new initiative called the rolling jubilee which buys distressed debt in order to forgive it and while those in the movement are often painted as bongo playing hippies are the correspondent on a saucer churkin to take a more nuanced look at those involved. an artist carving out his college debt number and walks over seventy thousand dollars
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from columbia and for a masters of fine arts and award winning actress teaching a class at the new york film academy what happens when you intensely focus on an object and to form a wall street employee volunteering and post hurricane sandy relief efforts do you know the name of your driver what could they possibly have in common their support for the occupy wall street movement. from day one of occupy the clip the with the wings of the american dream and now from his brooklyn studio facing wall street no a fisher and organizer of occupy museums wants to redefine the meaning of money the other side of this sort of america sublime dream is you know all this and kind of lack of opportunity that we're starting to see you know. no displays his work in shows all over the world trying to generate discussion about how an artist's work
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affect society i had really you know been affected by the two thousand economic crash and the our world. is just as much as on wall street or in any other kind of world as a very sort of go of yourself mentality right now and i think that you know the society is breaking apart because of that i'm living a slice of the life i used to have lunch baker contributed to occupied by starring in an independent film as the wife of ponzi schemer bernie madoff now in jail for a hundred and fifty years the film ruth made off occupies wall street highlights wealth inequality through humor in this case risk made off even in the middle of zuccotti park would be concerned about things that only the one percent could possibly be concerned about blanche believes occupy give voice to a majority that wasn't heard before there has to be some kind of a new model going forward where this kind of economic disparity is dealt with in a way that benefits everyone you can't sweep it under the carpet and nor any more need
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to endure something after seven years at morgan stanley alexis goldstein could no longer tolerate the greed and toxicity of wall street she quit and is now an author and an occupy organizer on wall street there's this attitude of if you get screwed by somebody it's because you are stupid optimal poker playing is take your best friend for all they're worth the same is true on. the occupy wall street movement started as an ocean of people on the streets and in camps and that tactic of holding public spaces the police have made it at least for the forseeable future impossible we've kind of adapted in this way where we're organizing more on specific themes. themes that could be while on the way to bringing much more tangible results. like hurricane relief occupy has been praised for doing a better job of the government agency as well as projects like strike debt well as
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many as one in seven americans are pounded by debt collectors occupies raising money to try to abolish the debt burden for as many people as they can by buying distressed debt for pennies on the dollar and then wiping it out. the crowds may be gone from the streets but those fighting for the ninety nine percent continue working by themselves and in groups to put an end to the world of the powerful beating down on the voiceless and to try to build a socially responsible community and the future for new york. and i mean it going to be now from our studios in new york is our t. correspondent honest. they're honest. so i want to ask you this movement now it's been around for over a year and there is certainly stereotypes associated with it you know that they're lazy dirty hippies have your observations proven otherwise well absolutely they have of course you know in this particular story we look at the lives and work of
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three people but there are so many more artists and creative americans and authors and you name the professions there's so many people that make up completely different do different jobs in different work and different art that have become emotionally and emotionally intertwined with this movement and that have been part of it and have been trying to contribute to it in so many different ways that certainly you know that description that first was all over the mainstream media headlines about the hippies and completely useless anarchists with no ideas about what they're doing is proving to be completely incorrect in this entire year for sure certainly that was a very interesting story put together there some of them quite talented as we saw and you know we recently discussed this jubilee where occupiers are planning on buying dead distressed. pennies on the dollar the goal there is to forgive student debt also in your story there we showed how occupiers came together to help victims
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of hurricane sandy so on a saucy a would you say because you know one of the common criticisms of the movement is they're not very organized would you say that and recent days that the opposite is happening that they are they are in fact becoming more organized less that's definitely proven to be the case especially over the last several months when criticism was just poor and all over the place that we've seen the end of occupy we're never seeing anything from them again as long as the camps got shut down nothing else is going to happen but with these more specific organized type activities that they have been up to namely like you say the hurricane sandy relief i mean the kind of effort and organization and the system that they've created to try to gather as many donations as possible from all over the united states we see alexis in our story there she's involved with the you know working with the drivers making sure the cars get to the right places to distribute the donations and it's
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a whole network that they've created that works so efficiently and all of these people are volunteers we have to keep in mind and because there's no hierarchy and everybody's there to do the best to help the best way they know how it's proven to work very efficiently and of course the ruling jubilees really the latest example of that and we're only beginning to see the fruits of this experiment this new idea of occupy wall street initially the idea of the jubilee was to gather fifty thousand dollars to try to abolish a million dollars worth of debts but even today it's the second day really of this idea becoming known to the public the biggest fundraisers yet to happen this thursday new york city but already the numbers aren't saying they've gathered so much more money than they officially were hoping for last i checked it's already at over one hundred twenty eight thousand dollars which could have all this as much as over two point five. dollars and of course this is just really a drop in the ocean considering the fact that even just student in the us it all is
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over one trillion dollars but still these people are very organized and really trying to do the best they can and with these latest projects are certainly proving to be a lot more efficient than haters might have hoped for. interesting you know occupy has kind of has this rock reputation especially among the financial publications as being naive about the economy and now that this ruling jubilee seems to be. being touted as a good idea has that reputation changed while you know analysts and economists are split i have to say when it comes to the idea of the rolling jubilee some are saying oh my god this is the best thing we've ever heard to come out of occupy wall street it's such a good idea it's such a smart way to abolish the debt for some of the people that exist but others are saying it's not enough to really get rid of the enormous amounts of debt that americans have but you know who says that this one movement that just started with this idea is supposed to completely abolish the insane numbers of burdens of debt
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that exist in this country so the point there is really you know while critics economists criticizing this idea say it's nearly not enough it's only going to help a very small number of people at least they're helping somebody because certainly we're not seeing the u.s. government bailing out the people we're not seeing anybody do anything for those people who are completely overburdened by debt we have over seventy seven percent of american households being burdened by debt on a say every single day so who else is supposed to help out the people but themselves what nobody else is apparently getting on board to help out the people who need who need any kind of help they can get right now stasia really interesting and appreciate you staying on top of things over there that was our t. correspondent an associate. well the media today fixated on general petraeus as sex scandal that has led to his resignation as head of the cia and it was an f.b.i. investigation that led to the downfall of the renowned general because of the
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players involved in the messy conflict florida socialite jill kelley jill kelley also a close friend of betray us alerted the f.b.i. that she was getting harassing e-mails this prompted an f.b.i. investigation and as they trace the e-mails that led them to discover the affair between betray us and his biographer paula broadwell the scandal doesn't end there the f.b.i. investigation reportedly brings to light inappropriate e-mails between kelley and general john allen the top commander in afghanistan now all of this information is public things to an f.b.i. investigation and leaks to legislators and the media now we're seeing the fuller picture the f.b.i. agents look through with thousands of pages of e-mails and computer documents of the players in the scandal despite no official crime ever taking place this has some asking did the f.b.i. overstep its boundaries and spying on those involved and beyond this case is it too easy for the f.b.i.
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to snoop on people and poke through their online communications to discuss trevor aaronson the author of the book you see there the terror factory inside the f.b.i. is manufactured war on terrorism. hi there trevor so this case just keeps getting more interesting and some people are theorizing that this investigation stems from territorial issues between the cia and the f.b.i. and i know that you've done a lot of research on this topic can you talk about historically how these two agencies have interacted and whether that relationship has in fact affected this investigation. you know this is the f.b.i. the cia always been in competition with each other and that dates back to the founding of the cia paramilitary branch you know back when hoover became the acting director of the what became the f.b.i. you know he was adamantly against the creation of a central intelligence agency and since then there have been you know continued
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kind of territorial scuffles between the cia and the f.b.i. and just the whole salesman struck you know that that became you know even war during the cold war when all there came through with the cia and ended up you know giving information to the soviet union and you know lead to a bunch of information to the russian at the same time later an f.b.i. agent robert hanssen to say he was providing information to the soviet union as a double agent and that contributed to this mistrust between the two agencies that ultimately led to nine eleven and you know when you know as time of nine eleven there there wasn't a lot of information sharing between the two agencies because they just didn't trust each other as a result of their history and so we've seen that over and over where you know it's hard to say what will aid in this particular case but there's always been the conflict between the cia and he's heard about between the cia and the f.b.i. . that's interesting to what extent do you think that possible strained relationship could have an impact in this case. it certainly highly possible and
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even if you look at what happened what's happened between the f.b.i. and the nine eleven it's always been that the strained if not arranged marriage you know for example in two thousand and three after nine eleven george w. bush tried to. solve or get rid of what's called the see much of the separation between the cia and the f.b.i. and you know through that he ended up asking you know f.b.i. agents spent time at the cia f.b.i. agent spent time at the f.b.i. to understand each other's culture and provide information and share information more readily but f.b.i. and some always being cia and with skepticism and the same goes for the cia f.b.i. agent and you know when you know the culture. such that the f.b.i. view the cia as a bunch of you know why i'm sitting bluebloods who don't really understand how to fight crime whereas the cia the f.b.i. has a bunch of accountants and lawyers you know what the middle american colleges don't understand the realities of combating terrorism and you know espionage and you know
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what this ultimately creates the outright competition and i think it's you know it's an interesting question of why the f.b.i. would have chosen to investigate so aggressively what is essentially a cyber stalking you know because i think you know the information that's available suggests two things one that they're interested in getting up information because it involves a threat to protect him or they are interested in the consideration of all the trade because of some kind of internal rivalry between the. and it certainly raises a lot of questions and people are asking are are looking at how it's how extensive this an investigation is thousands of e-mails being sifted through by the f.b.i. air traveler do you think that this is an example of how easy it is for the f.b.i. to look through a person's e-mails and computer records even if there's not maybe there's not a criminal activity going on. absolutely you know since obama took office there's been an explosion of what are called warrantless electronic surveillance where
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without a judge's order the f.b.i. can look at internet activity e-mail as part of the investigation of a crime and there's been an explosion of that and so i think everyone has to take from this case and understanding that this is possible now more than ever that the f.b.i. and. the f.b.i. would look into you know internet files e-mails as part of an investigation and that investigation could be very slim in areas like that in this case the investigation with just the complaints that you know this woman in tampa receiving and harassing e-mails and the f.b.i. used that as a means to ultimately look into her g. mail account find information and you know read those e-mails and that those people told to the establishment of a relationship between her and the trans as well as now some sort of e-mail exchange and of sort of relationship with general general allen. who reports so far show that e-mails as the e-mails in this case. the callee she says that they were
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harassing but so far they haven't proven to be violent or threatening so this being the case shouldn't should it be a criminal investigation then is the f.b.i. justified in it treating it like it's a criminal investigation. you know i can't speak to whether you know what reached the threshold for a criminal execution whether it had to be right threats or all of violent threats but you know what you can face pretty specifically is that the f.b.i. really isn't in the business of investigating many you know cyber stalking cases involving jilted ex lovers and so i just you know if you look at the type of cases the f.b.i. pursues these are very common so i think that raises questions about whether there was some special treatment here you know certainly jill kelley has reported shown a personal relationship with an f.b.i. agent and may have helped move back and played along within the bureau faster than if someone who didn't know anyone at the f.b.i. just made it plain but you know when you look at these numbers they're just the number of prosecutions of the number of investigations it is unusual to see the
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f.b.i. spend this much time and this much effort on what is essentially a cyber stalking case that's right harassment case you know and certainly no evidence that suggested that it became anything more than a series of harassing e-mails that's already kind of raises the question what kind of discretion do. f.b.i. agents use in choosing which cases to pursue i mean in this case we have at the at the florida woman socialite claim to be receiving the harassing e-mails she contacted a friend at that that the eye to look into led so obviously it's her inside connections that are points to her having these inside connections and therefore receiving this treatment and that on the other hand you have people saying you know what i'm legitimately being harassed i feel like my life is in danger and it's a it's a it's a it's hard to get the f.b.i. to really take the time and investigate it. i believe it is hard to believe that
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the f.b.i. would have pursued a case like this i did not involve general petraeus and i'm sure that the woman who made the complaint would have told the f.b.i. agent at that time that this involved general petraeus you know what what's interesting is that the you know find out and we'll probably find out much much later is you know whether the f.b.i. really was pursuing that in the hopes of getting a criminal investigation or whether they were just kind of stooping to a certain extent you know the the f.b.i. agent from camp according to reports with concern that the f.b.i. was going to sweep this under the rug and you know ended up leaking this information to a congressman and in washington later turned that over to eric cantor you know i think the question for a case like this is what what was the propriety of the f.b.i. to investigate the believe that did especially if no criminal charges result you know here we have specially a cia director has resigned in what is a rather sordid affair in washington politics but if no criminal cases come of this i think are the real question of what the f.b.i.'s role was and why they chose to
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get this so aggressively if they couldn't prove any elected would be right a lot of questions and a lot of other good plays the case just keeps getting more complicated and more twisted i guess we're going to find out more in the coming days but appreciate your traveler for weighing in on that that was her aronsen author of the pair factory inside the f.b.i. the manufactured war on terrorism. now all of this of course coming out after the election from clay and to spitzer to ad words even herman cain we've seen how sex scandals can make or break a politician's career but with one sex scandal after another and both political parties are extramarital affairs becoming the norm in the political world to discuss someone with the inside scoop on the secret sex lives of politicians i'm joined by dennis hof owner of the les bunny ranch and also courtney cox they're welcome to the both of you. so dan as i guess my first question is going to be to
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you this scandal has led to the demise as we've seen general petraeus but he's certainly not alone in his infidelities so these days are sex scandals really a career killer boy you know there are critical are for them and they're a great boon for my business because it makes people understand the you need privacy discretion. that's what makes it work. ok. so you said it's great it's great business for you and having some insight because of your business into the world that kind of comes out after dark what can you tell us about this secret world that the public may be surprised to find out well the public may be shocked that in like extramarital affairs they've been doing it forever they just don't do it the right way eliot spitzer america's idiot can you believe that he would he would prosecute people and then go out and use their
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services goes right down the line larry flynt busted livingston before three days before he was going to be speaker of the house and then his predecessor they found him on the washington d.c. madam's list a couple years later vitter they all do it just some are smart enough to come see me and others just get themselves in trouble tiger woods all these different people it's just amazing it's kind of amazing to me what betray is that who really cares relax america it's just sex because patris was not a military man he didn't he had no code that he had to live by this is a problem for him his wife not the rest of the world. going to direct this next question to courtney over there you know it was once a really big deal in the united states say if it became public that there was infidelity or affairs that could break your career in the political world so corny do you think that people's perceptions have changed and if so why. i think
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that it has and you know because there are brothels that are legal in nevada and i think they should be legal everywhere because things like this need to stop happening you know he was in the army when this happened or before this happened and then after it happened he was out of the army and he didn't do anything illegal so obviously we need to relax and the cia and the f.b.i. need to come to the bunny ranch and get along that's a problem the cia and the f.b.i. are trying to show who's the biggest man will come to the bunny ranch and prove it that's where you need to prove it but that's the bunny ranch is where everybody gets along i guess what they all do we all get along there it's just have a good time. if people of america this got a wake up people or have an extramarital affairs and the women are doing that too we get a lot of women customers we're a list celebrity at the border as yesterday a woman and i'm sure her husband didn't know she was there i want to ask you
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because you obviously have seen your range of clients and. you know we have the republicans and the democrats and very partisan climate in washington and you know of course the republicans oftentimes they have a they tell these family values and seem to look down on this kind of behavior but dennis from what you've seen is it do both members of both parties equally frequent you're you're absolutely i go to the white house press corps spawn is that i when i walk in the whole place is terrified because they think of it out of so i always tell the media look at the people i'm talking to are not my customers i assure you that but the republicans we did a survey for larry flynt years ago when he was when the government was trying to right wing was trying to burn bill clinton if it comes out that sixty percent of our clients are democrats but the republicans are much kinkier wow wow that is
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very interesting also winter. some people are able to receive the way about because when these scandals come out it affects politicians' careers differently some are able to overcome the controversy and continue to be successful why are some able to prevail while others their careers are over what separates the tail well the separate the two is p.r. put trying to trying to come out and rehabilitate themselves and do the right thing but i i know that men cheat on their was the same way because i don't want to be monogamous but that being said these guys should get caught they should come to professionals and do their business what they have to do and get out of there and if i see one more politician parade their beautiful innocent wife and mother their children in front of the world to apologize i'm going to just tip over of sick of it and that's that's the problem don't embarrass these women they demand goes to
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his woman and vice versa don't embarrass him go do what you have to do but do not bear city buddy and that's why my business this works i think it's interesting you say the man owes it to his wife to not embarrass her i wonder some would say maybe it owes. the man owes it to his wife to know to be faithful to her into not to to be monogamous with her and that's when they got married i guess that's that's a different debate i guess courthouse no it's not it's a good debate and men shouldn't shouldn't say they're going to do things they should they can't live up to they can't live up to only a few percentage of the world that can be monogamous so why not be honest about it just say you know what i could be imminent emotionally but my little friend on here he cannot be monogamous and we just got to figure this out how to make it work. we are at a time i guess i could agree with you that honesty is the best policy and we'll leave it at the both of you for coming on that live dennis hof owner of the
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moonlight bunny ranch and corny cocks. well coming up next on our t.v. is the capital account with lauren lyster let's check in with with her to see you blood is on today's agenda lauren well let's first i could not agree more honesty is definitely the best policy absolutely absolutely when you're talking about finance because we can never get down to the truth in what we do it just doesn't seem like it stacks up with what regulators are are thinking or what they're acting on we see these cases these crimes and yet we don't see the punishment of jail time that we would expect with a collapse like m.f. global or with a silver market manipulation probe that's been going on for four years so we've finally got in the hot seat a regulator or c a t c commissioner bart chilton we asked him about it all it's coming up in a few minutes you won't want to miss right thanks for that update lauren that is coming up next but that is going to do it for the news for more of the stories we cover check out our you tube channel you tube dot com slash our team america you
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can also follow me on twitter outlives wall we're right back here at five pm. me it is easy. to. see. didn't.
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get are sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture .


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